How does the
Protection Score work?

The higher the score the better you are prepared to tackle anything that comes your way
Meet the Sherpa Brain.
Helping people to understand and navigate their complex risks requires some pretty sophisticated technology.
Here’s where the Brain comes in.
The Brain is the core technology that powers the Protection Score. It’s what evaluates you on a human level, understands your risks, your lifestyle, and your requirements, and highlights the changes you can make for a stronger future.
What’s in a number?
We calculate your Protection Score based on your personal circumstances. We use smart technology, and actuarial and data science, to determine the chances of bad things happening to you, the impact that may have on you financially, and your ability to withstand that impact as a result of any savings, assets or insurance you may have.
We then translate that into a Score to try to make it easier to understand. And you can take action to make changes to your circumstances and then update your Score to see the impact that has.
Get targets to aim for
We will help you set targets to increase your resilience to life’s challenges, within your family budget. For most people, the simplest path to consider is to put in place some insurance. But often you can achieve improvements by changing your lifestyle or your savings profile. We will help you with tips and guidance on that.
We take data protection seriously
Your privacy is important to us. That’s why we protect your data in the same way we protect our own.
We will never sell your data. And we will only ever transfer your data if you tell us to. Please see our Privacy Policy.