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Protection Score

The higher the score the better you are prepared to tackle anything that comes your way
Fast, easy process
It takes just a few minutes for us to collect the data we need, and to combine that with our risk and insurance expertise to produce your Score
See your risk across life events
Our protection covers risks across 8 major life events.
What is a Protection Score?
The Protection Score is a number out of 100 that indicates how well protected you are against the sorts of financial risks that you or your family may face in the future.
For example, if you have a family and you get ill, that could have a significant impact on their ability to cope financially. Or, it may be that your savings, assets or insurance mean they would actually be fine.
With the Protection Score, you can see your position quickly and easily across 8 different areas that together cover the big challenges that life might throw at you.
Make smarter choices
The Score helps you to identify the areas where taking action would have the biggest impact on building your resilience to life’s challenges.
Most people have some form of insurance in place. But often we insure the wrong things, or for the wrong amount, meaning there are gaps or overlaps. For example, the cost of losing your phone may be low compared to the cost of losing your income, but more people have phone insurance than have income protection insurance. The Score helps you make sense of the options available to you so that you spend your money wisely.

How will getting a Sherpa Protection
Score help me?

It’s your score
The Protection Score is for you, not for us.
Sherpa is regulated by the FCA in the UK to provide insurance advice through our robo-advisory technology.  That means you can trust that the Score and any recommendations are underpinned by rigorous financial planning principles.