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Life is full of risks, Sherpa helps you see how
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Say hello to the Sherpa Protection Score.
In just a few simple questions you start to build your score. It helps you see how well prepared you are to manage life events as they happen.
It’s like a credit score for your life.

Be better prepared
The Protection Score helps take the guesswork out of protecting your future, so you can make smarter decisions for you and your family.
How does it work?
The Protection Score is a simple number out of 100 that shows how well protected you are against life’s risks. Protection comes in many forms: from income you earn, to insurance you buy, to assets you own. We match those against eight main potential risks you may face, from the risk of passing away unexpectedly to how well your pets are covered for vet bills. You can also drill down to see an individual score for each of those risks.
We collect some information from you and apply smart actuarial, behavioural and data science, coupled with our proprietary technology, to come up with your Protection Score.
We take your privacy seriously. We will never sell your personal information to third parties. Please read our Privacy Policy below.
Have confidence in your future
Your Protection Score helps you to identify areas that may have the biggest impact on your financial wellbeing over time.
We’ll give you insights and tips on steps you can take to minimise your risks. We’ll identify areas where you can self-insure through your savings. We’ll even tell you to cancel unnecessary insurance where you are over-protected.
Your Score stays with you through your life – updating as your life changes. It goes UP to reflect changes that decrease your risk (like getting a promotion), and DOWN if your risk increases (like taking out a mortgage).

How will getting a Sherpa Protection
Score help me?

Understanding the financial risks that you and your family face, and how well prepared you are to face them, is a key part of planning for your future wellbeing. But unless you are an expert, this can be hard for most people to do.
That’s where the Sherpa Protection Score comes in. Visualise how your risks and exposure change over time and get guidance on the best ways to prepare to meet life’s challenges